For the record, as of July 28, 2016 South Georgia Vapor currently offers a huge variety of flavors in various sizes (10 ml, 30 ml, 50 ml, and 100 ml) and nicotine levels (0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, 18 mg, and 24 mg) in both 50/50 Blends (50% Propylene Glycol and 50% Vegetable Glycerine) and Max VG Blends (80% Vegetable Glycerine and 20% Propylene Glycol).

Below is a listing of our flavors which are available in all of the above sizes, blends, and nicotine levels:


48 Dutch Apple Pie P Diddy
247 East Coast Tobacco Pain Killer
? Eclipse Pango
555 Tobacco (Nutty Tobacco) Ecto Cooler Papa Smurf
Alias Ecto Plasma (Citrus Flavor) Papaya
Alien Blood Egg Nog Paracite
Alien Goo EL8 (Giner Ale Blend) Passion Fruit
Alien Vapor Elvis Presley Patton Flare
Almond Armaretto English Toffee PBJ
Almond Bark Experiment PBSJ (PBJ)
Almond Joy Extreme Blast (Cool Blast) Peach
Almond Prailine Extreme Green Peach Arctic
Amaretto Sour Extreme Ice (mint & menthol) Peach Cobbler
Amber Gliss Extremely Sexy Peach Cream
Ameretto Eye Punch Peach Fuzz
American Tobacco (Marlboro Med) Fab 4 Peach Tobacco
Angry Accident Fairy Dust Peach Treat
Apple (double) Fall A Fair Peachberry
Apple Berry Falling Fruit Peaches & Cream
Apple Cake Fantasy island Peacocks Paradise
Apple Cider Final Count Down Peanut Butter Cake
Apple Cinnamon Cake Fire & Ice (Menthol & Cinnamon) Peanut Butter Cup
Apple Green) Fire and Ice Peanutt Butter
Apple Pie Fire Ball (sweet inside of the otomic fire ball) Pear
Apple Pie # 2 Firework 5 Pearberries
Apple Pie Moonshine Flamingo Pearberry
Apple Pie Surprise Flash Dance Pecan
Apple Sauce Flogurt Pecan Pie
Apple Shine Flop Tart Pecan Prailine
Apricot Florida Fusion (Fusion) Pecan Sandie
Aqua Berry (berry & Menthol) Florida Georgia Sunset Pecan Swirl (Pecan Pie)
AR 15 Floridian Pecan Waffle
Arctic Chill Flying Fruit Peppermint Patty
Arctic Freeze Fog Pharoah
Arctic Peach Fraggel Rock Pie Crust
Asha Mix Frankenstein Pina Colada
Atlas Freeze Ray Pineapple
Baby Smurf French Vanilla Pineapple Candy
Backwoods Blueberry Friday’s Trouble Pineapple Express
Backwoods Blueberry Waffle Froot Ball Pineapple Peach
Backwoods Kush Froot Cup Pinestraw
Backwoods Milk Froot Stones Pink Bunny
Badlands Froot Tart Pink Champagne
Bahama Mama Frosty Peach Pink Cow Milk
Bahama Mama (Mango & Pinapple & pina colada) Frozen Grape Pink Drank
Baja Blast Frozen Peach Pink Floyd
Banana Fruit Ball Pink Grapefruit
Banana Banshee Fruit Bubble Pink Hippo
Banana Berry Fruit Circles Pink Lemonade
Banana Bubbleicious Fruit City (Fruitopia) Pink Panther
Banana Cream Fruit Custard Pipe
Banana Cream Fruit Destruction Pixie Stick
Banana Cream Pie Fruit Loops PMS
Banana Nut Bread Fruit Mash PNB Cup
Banana Pancake Fruit o’s Pomegranite
Banana Puddin Fruit Rings Popie
Banana Split Fruit Sabers Pound Cake
Banana Strawberry Fruit Smoothie Power Ranger
Banana Super Conc Fruit Stripped Gum Praline
Banana Super Concentrated Fruitopia Project X
Banana Surprise Fruity Project XY
Banana Twin Fruity Stones II Cereal type Psychedelic Funk
Bango Fruity Stones IV Cereal type Pumpkin Pie
Bavarian Cream Fudge Brownie Pumpkin Spice (Pumpkin & Cinnamon)
Beach Drink (S.O.B/ Sex on the Beach) Fun Dip Punch Out
Becky Funny Gummi Purple Haze
Beef Cake Fuzzy Navel Purple People Eater
Beetle Guts (Beetle Juice) Fuzzy Q Raiden
Beetle Juice GA Bear Rainbow Lime Gum
Belladonna GA Cussin Rainbow Sherbet
Berry Blast GA Mud Rasberry Skittles
Berry Burst GA Mule Raspberry
Berry Crunch GA Scotch Raspberry Cheesecake
Berry Goodness GA Sinner Raspberry Lemonade
Berry Mix Gaia Rays Blend
Berry Poppins Galapagos Raz Cake # 1
Berry Swirl Gambino Razzelberry
Berrylicious Game Over Razzelburst
Beth’s Blend Gator Bait Razzle Dazzle
Big Red (Fire/ Ice V2) Gator Smoothie Razzle Mint
BIG sky Geeks Razzleberry
Bingo Georgia Fusion (Fusion) Razzlel It
Black & Blueberry Georgia Gremlin (Gremlin) Red Blossom
Black & Mild Cigar Georgia Peach Red Box (similar to Marlb Reds)
Black and Blue German Choc Cake Red Bull
Black Beard Ghost Town Red Hot (Cinnamon Flavor)
Black Cherry Ginger Ale Red Ice
Black Cigar (Super Concentrated) Gingerbread Red Licorice
Black Current Gingers Milk Red Menthol
Black Lemon Glacier Breeze Red Palm
Black Licorice GLAZIER Breeze Red River
Black Mango Gods Creation Red White & Blue
Black Peach Gogi Berry Red White and Blue
Blackberry Going to the Sun Red Wings
Blackberry and Cream Gold Dust Renegade
Blackberry Cream Golden Goodness Reptile
Blackberry Delight Goodie Good Retro
Blackberry Doobie Gooseberry Ripe Strawberry
Blackberry Kush Gorilla Goop Ripe Strawberry Mojito
Blackberry Mint Goro Rock Candy
Blackberry Sweetwater Graceful Eyes Rock Star
Blackberry Wine Graham Cracker Rocky Road
Blackjack Pimp Juice Graham Father Rootbeer
Blast Off Grandmas Coffee Round House
Blend Granny Smurf Rum
Blond Bomb Grape Rum Tobacco
Blood Orange Grape Ape RY4
Blu Raspberry Grape Berry RY4 (Creamy)
Blue Banana Grape Bubble RY4 Double
Blue Bull Grape Bubblicious (Grape Ape) S.R.O
Blue Burst Grape Dew Sandie
Blue Candy Grape Kush Sassafras
Blue Crunch Grape n Cream Kush (Grape Kush) Savage Smurf
Blue Custard Grape Pixie Scarface
Blue Devil Grape Skittles Scarlet Knight
Blue Dragon Grape Tart Scary Berry
Blue Dream Grapefruit Scorpion
Blue Du Great Graham Father Seven
Blue Hawaian Greek Goddess Sex on the Beach
Blue Hawaii Greek Yogurt Sexy Kusk
Blue Ice Green Apple SGV Decay
Blue Lemonade Green Engine Shazam
Blue Money Green Goblin Shirley Temple
Blue Moon Green Goblin Energy Shortcake
Blue Pom Gremlin Sin a Toast
Blue Raspberry Guava Siren Psylock
Blue Slush Guava Haze (Purple Haze) Skinny Mint
Blue Suede Shoes (Elvis Presley) Gummy Bear Skittles
Blue Tango Mango Gummys w/ a Twist Sky Rocket
Blue Voodoo Happy Cake Skylar
Blue Water Hard Candy Smarty Pants
Blue Wave Havana Tobacco (a light tobacco) Smooth
Blueberry Hawaiian Islands Punch Smooth Ryder
Blueberry Muffin Hawian Smoothie Smoove
Blueberry Cake Hawk Sauce Smores
Blueberry Candy Hazel SMP (PMS)
Blueberry Cheesecake Hazel Nut Smurf Berries
Blueberry Cotton Candy Hazelnut Coffee Smurf Fruit
Blueberry Cream Kush Heather Smurf Tata’s (Smurf Titties)
Blueberry Kush Heisenberg Smurfade
Blueberry Kush Extreme Heisenberry (Sexy Peel) Smurfette
Blueberry Lemonade Hersenberg Snake Juice
Blueberry Morning Hey Dey Snickers
Blueberry Muffin Hippie Juice Snooki
Blueberry Slushy Hob Goblin Something Good
Blueberry Waffle Honey Something New
Blueberry Yogurt Honey & Oats Sonya Blade
Bobby’s World Honey Blue Sour
Bombay Honey Cream Sour Apple
Borderlands Honey Dew Breeze Sour Berry
Bourbon Honey Pear Sour Skittles
Bourbon Sherbert Honey Suckle Southern Bliss
Boysenberry Honeydew Melon Southern Charm
Brain Wash Hop Scotch Southern Freeze
Brandy Horchata Southern Shine
Brown Sugar Hot Apple Space Cookie
Bubble Mint Huckleberry Space Kush
Bubblegum Hulk Juice Sparkle
Buck Naked Humming Bird Cake Spearmint
Buckshot Berry Humming Bird Cake (Pineapple/Banana/Pecan) Spearmint Candy
Bug Juice Hurricane Spice Water
Build a Bear Hush Sponge Bob
Bunny Milk Ice Banana Mint Stag Leaf
Burbank Ice Cherry Starburst
Butter Bomb Ice Cream State Patrol
Butter Cream Ice Cream Bar Sticky Buns
Butter Mint Ice Cream Cone Sticky Roll
Butter Pecan Ice Tea Stixz
Butter Smoke Ice Water Strawbana
Buttered Popcorn Iced Unicorn Strawbana Smoothie
Butterfinger In to the Mystic Strawbango
Butterrum Indulge Strawberries & Cream
Butterscotch Irish Coctail Strawberry
Butterscotch Waffle Irish Cream Strawberry Apricot
Buttery Nipple Island Time Strawberry Bubblegum
C-4 It’s the Fruiture Strawberry Bubblicious
Cake (Yellow) It’s All Peachy Strawberry Cake
Cake Batter Jack Apple Strawberry Candy
Cake Walk Jackal Strawberry Champagne
Camel Jager Bomb Strawberry Cheesecake
Candy Apple Jamaican Slushy Strawberry Cotton Candy
Candy Butter James Gang Strawberry Crème Brule
Candy Cane Jax Strawberry Custard (Custard Battlefield)
Candy Corn Jessie James Strawberry Daquerie
Candy Watermelon Joe’s Mix (YUM) Strawberry Daquiri
Cantelope Johnny Cash Strawberry Donut
Cappachino Jolly Green Giant Strawberry Dream
Cappuccino Jolly Juice Strawberry Field
Captain Crunch Jolly Rancher Strawberry Freeze
Captain Crunch Berries Juicy Fruit Strawberry Ice Cream
Captain n’ Berries Juicy Peach Strawberry Kiwi
Caramel Jungle Juice (Berry’s) Strawberry Kush
Caramel Apple Just Peachy Strawberry Lemonade
Caramel Candy Justice League Strawberry Margarita
Caramel Candy Apple Kaedons Krisp Strawberry Milk
Caramel Cappuccino Kahlua Strawberry Mojito
Caramel Chew Kali Kush Strawberry Morning (Doughnut)
Caramel Cinnamon Kano Strawberry Muffin
Caramel Coffee Key Lime Strawberry River
Caramel Cream Key West Strawberry Shortcake
Caramel Custard Keylime Bubbly Strawberry Sin
Caramel Delight Keylime Pie Strawberry Wine
Caramel Mocha Kill Berry Yogurt Strawberry Yogurt
Caramel original King Killer Strawburst
Caramel Pecan Coffee Kiwi Strawdizzle
Caramle Doughnut Kiwi Tart Strawlemonade
Carries Cobb Kiwi Treat Strawmango
Cassie Cage Kiwi Watermelon Strawmango Yogurt
Castaway Kool Blast Strawmilk
Celtic Twist Koolada Sub Zero
Cereal Milk Kung Lao Sugar Britches
Chai Tea Leapin Lizard Sugar Smash
Champagne Led Zepplin Sunny Day
Champagne Burst Lemon Suzie Q
Charmed Lemon Cheesecake Sweedish Fish
Cheesecake Lemon Cookie Sweet Bacca
Cheesecake (Graham Crust) Lemon Cotton Candy Sweet Cream
Cherry Lemon Custard Sweet Cup
Cherry Berry Lemon Drizzle Sweet Irish
Cherry Blast Lemon Drop Sweet Skittles
Cherry Bomb Lemon Lush Sweet Strawberry
Cherry Candy Cane Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake Sweet Strawberry New RF
Cherry Ice Lemon Sensation Sweet Swish
Cherry Limeade Lemonade Sweet Tart
Cherry Mint Lil Nicky Sweetener
Cherry Tobacco Lime T- Berry
Cherry Vanilla Liu Kang T- Bone
Chocolate Lizard Lips Tangerine
Chocolate Cake Lone Ranger Tarzan
Chocolate Éclair Long Island Iced Tea Tear Drop
Chocolate Milk Loopy Hoops Tenneson Son
Chocolate Mint Loopy Oops Tequilla
Chocolate Strawberries Lovato That 70’s Show
Christmas Lucky Leprechaun The Barista
Churro M2 The Bomb
Chutta Mad Man Milk The Dule
Cigar Madagascar Vanilla The Muffin Man
Cinn Graham Cracker Magic Bean The Rookie
Cinnamon Mai Thai The Udder Milk
Cinnamon Apple Malibu The Veteran
Cinnamon Crumble Malic Acid Powder The Yak
Cinnamon Hot Tamale Mama Smurf Thot of Home
Cinnamon Roll Mandy Breeze Throat Punch
Cinnamon Sugar Cookie Mango Thug Juice
Cisco’s Churro Mango Canteloupe Tigers Blood
Claytons Cabernet Maple Pecan Tiki Roar
Clinical Monkey (Crazy Monkey) Maple Rum Tobacco Tinkerbells Twist
Clove Maraschino Cherry Tiramisu
Clove Cigar Marco Polo TJ for Cat
Coco Crazy Margarita TJ’s Cereal
Coconut Marlboro E-Tobacco TNT
Coconut Banana Cream Marshmellow Toasted Almond
Code Red Melon Ball Toasted Marshmallow
Coffee Melon Derby Tobacco
Coffee & Cream Melon Explosion Todds Brew
Cola Melon Madness Toffee
Confusion Melon Patch Tonto
Congo Mint Mendoza Top Muffin (Muffin Top)
Connie’s Cake (Strawberry Shortcake) Menthol Tornado Twist
Cookie Butter Menthol Blast Toucan
Cookie Crisps Menthol Sour Skittles Triton (Odyssey)
Cookie Monster Menthol x3 Trixie Pixie
Cookies and Cream Miami Ice Trooper
Cool Berry Blast Mileena Tropical Berry
Cool Blast Milk Tropical Cream Breeze
Cool Blue Milk Tea (Super Cont) Tropical Melon
Cool Breeze Milky River Tropical Punch
Cool Kush Mimosa T’s Mix
Cool Melon Frost Mind Teaser Tupelo Goal
Cool Raspberry Minion Turkish
Cool Water Mint Bark Twig & Berries
Cool Zone Mint Candy Twisted BB Kush
Copen Hater Miyagi Twisted Freeze
Cotton Candy Mocha Twisted Mint
Cotton Tail Mocha Supreme Twisted Panties
Cottonwood Monkey’s Uncle Twisted Passion
Cowboy Monster Energy Twisted Peach
Cran Apple Moon Beam Twister
Cran Grape Moon Sand Unicorn Vomit
Cranberry Moon Sugar USA Red Tobacco (light Tobacco)
Crazy Dew Morning Dew Valentine
Crazy Monkey Morning Joe Vanilla
Crazy Train Mothers Custard Vanilla Bean Icecream
Cream (Milky undertones) Mountain Dew Vanilla Butternut
Cream Mix Mountain Milk Vanilla Coffee
Cream Soda Mr. Frosty Vanilla Cupcake
Creamy Banana Mr. Hanner Vanilla Custard
Creamy Smores (Smores) Mrs. Frosty Vanilla Ice
Creek Juice Mud Butter Vanilla Powder
Crème Brulee Mud Pie Vanilla Tobacco
Crème Brulle Muddy Missouri Virginia (Fire Cured)
Cronos Mystery Cream Voodoo Temptation
Crunch Berries Mystery Juice Vortex
Crunch Berry Nana Clouds Waffle
Crusty’s Nana Doodle Waffle Waffle
Crypto Nana Pudding Wagon Train
Crypto Night Nanaberry Wahoo
Cucumber Mint Naner Cream Walkers Pride
Cupcake Cutie Naughty Naughty Walkin the Poodle
Cupcake Swirl Nautilus (Odyssey) Walking Dead
Custards Battle Field Nemo Water Rancher
Daisy Duke Neon Purp Watermelon
Daredevil Smoothie Nerds Whim
Dark Vanilla Newport Whipped Cream
Dee’s Nuts Newport Menthol Whiskey
Delight Nilla Wafer Whisper
Desert Llama Ninja Turtle (Power Ranger) White Chocolate
Detective No Flavor White Out
Dewberry Cream Norms Back Country Wild Cherry
Doc Holiday Nutella Type Wild Fire
Donkey Punch (Jack Ass Punch) Nutty Buddy Wild Tangy
Double Dutch Chocolate Oasis Wildberry
Double Mint Odyssey Wildberry Crunch
Double Vanilla Oh Yeah Willy Wonka
Doughnut Glazed Old Faithful Wine Blush Chablis
DPA Ooey Gooey Wine Cigar
Dr. Soda (dr. Pepper) Orange Wintergreen
Dragon Ade Orange Blast Wintermint
Dragon Drool Orange Blossom Witch Doctor
Dragon Fruit Orange Dream Bar Wyatt Earp
Dragons Blood Orange Dreamsickle Yacht Club (Boats & Oh’s)
Dream Sickle Orange Pound Cake Yogurt
Duke Orange Spice Yum
Dulce Del Leche Orange Sticky Bun Yum Yum
Durrance Orgasmic Zach’s Mix
Dusty Roads P Cooper Zombie Punch



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