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House Juice Menu

*available nicotine levels may change due to stock availability

Tobacco Flavors

American Tobacco: milder, standard tobacco flavor (3VG-24mg)

USA Red: bolder, brighter tobacco flavor (3VG-18mg)

Whisper: lighter, sweet tobacco with notes of hazelnut (6 50/50- 24mg)


Menthal Flavors

Arctic Freeze: candy cane, menthol and spearmint (6VG & 24mg)

Berry Blast: strawberry, blueberry and blackberries with menthol (3VG-18mg)

Blue Slushy: Raspberry and blueberry mixed with Koolada (3vg, 6vg & 12 50/50mg)

Cool Blast: candy cane and menthol (6VG-18mg)

Cool Breeze: a raspberry menthol flavor (3VG-12 50/50mg)

Cool Berry Blast: a blend of candy cane and menthol mixed with strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, and raspberry (3VG-12 50/50mg)

Extreme Ice: a mix of menthol and spearmint (3VG- 12 50/50mg)

Ice Water: watermelon with menthol (3VG-18mg)

Menthol: very strong mint (3VG, 12 50/50 & 18mg)

Spearmint: earthy mint (3VG-18mg)

Creams & Desserts

Caramel Pecan Coffee: a bitter coffee paired with nutty notes of caramel (3VG, 6VG & 12 50/50)

GA Bear: a mix between a sugar cookie and a cinnamon roll (3VG-18mg)

GA Mud: Captain Crunch cereal with pecans (3VG, 12 50/50 & 18mg)

Magic Bean: vanilla latte flavor (3VG & 6VG)

Milky River: a vanilla sweet cream flavor (3VG & 6VG)

Space Kush: a blend of caramel, vanilla, hazelnut and graham cracker (3VG & 6VG)

Strawberry Milk: a blend of ripe strawberry and vanilla (3VG & 6VG)

Strawberry River: a mix of ripe strawberry and sweet cream (3VG & 6VG)

Fruits & Candies

Becky: a blend of 9 different fruits; including ripe strawberry, blueberry, pear, kiwi, pineapple, guava, candied watermelon, peach & sweetener (3VG-24mg)

Blackberry Kush: a mix of blackberry & strawberry (3VG-24mg)

Black Jack Pimp Juice: a berry blend with guava kiwi & pear (3VG-12 50/50)

Black Lemon: a blackberry lemonade (3VG & 6VG)

Blueberry Kush: a mix of blueberry & strawberry (3VG-24mg)

Blueberry Cotton Candy: raspberry, blueberry & candied strawberry with sweetener (3VG-6 50/50)

Cotton Candy: raspberry &candied strawberry with sweetener (3VG-12 50/50)

Fireworks 5: a blend of 5 fruits including grape, banana, blueberry, strawberry & watermelon (3VG-24mg)

Gator Bait: a blend of candied watermelon with blue raspberry (3VG-24mg)

Fruits & Candies

Heisenberg: a mellow grape flavor with blueberry (3VG-24mg)

Juicy Peach: a bold peach flavor (3VG-18mg)

Kali Kush: a blend of strawberry & candied watermelon (3VG-18mg)

Morning Dew: a blend of honeydew melon, pear & ripe strawberry (3VG-18mg)

Papa Smurf: a mix of blackberry, blueberry, strawberry & peach (3VG-12 50/50)

Smurf Fruit: a mic of blueberry, blackberry, raspberry & strawberry (3VG-18mg)

Sour Skittles: candied strawberry, raspberry, & sour apple (3VG, 6VG & 6 50/50)

Strawburst: a blend of ripe strawberry, guava & added sweetener (3VG & 6VG)
Tropical Berry: a mix of banana, strawberry & kiwi (3VG-18mg)

Voodoo Temptation: papaya blended with strawberry& kiwi (3VG-18mg)

Limited Time Flavors

Buck Naked: a vanilla custard topped with kiwi (3VG)

Baby Smurf: a berry mix including blackberry, blueberry, strawberry with banana (6VG)

Butterscotch: a timeless hard candy flavor (12 50/50)

Butter Rum: a creamy butterscotch blend (3VG)

Champagne Burst: a blend of candied strawberry mixed with guava (12 50/50 mg)

Coconut: creamy coconut blend (3VG)

Fruitopia: Hawaiian punch (3VG)


Green Apple: tart green apple flavor (12 50/50)

Gremlin: a strawberry & kiwi blend (6 50/50)

Jamaican Slushy: Tropical fruit mix including pineapple, strawberry, coconut with added menthol (6 50/50, 12 50/50 & 18mg)


Project X: kiwi & watermelon blend (6VG)

RY4 Creamy: a sweet cream tobacco flavor (12 50/50)

Scary Berry: a blend of blackberry & guava (18mg)

Savage Smurf: blue raspberry lemonade (6VG)

Smurf Tata’s: a tropical blend of mango, pineapple, strawberry & raspberry (6VG)

Watermelon: pure watermelon concentration (6VG)

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